Tica tico dating

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Tica tico dating

Costa Ricans (Ticos) are generally gentle, spirited, friendly, educated, polite, and kind people.

Most seem to like visitors from other countries and treat them well.

In Guanacaste Province, you will find Ticos dark skinned reflecting their Nicaraguan heritage.

Ticos are extremely family oriented and love music and dance. In fact, Costa Ricans, as almost all Latinos, party loud and long and really enjoy each other's company.

Sure, it’s a silly teen chick flick about befriending a mermaid, but this quote has remained one of my favorites since I originally saw the film.

I had a leg up when it came to seeing a different side of a country so many people seem to know so well.

My ex-partner is Costa Rican, and from the many periods I lived with him in his apartment in San Jose, to the delicious meals I shared with his family in his hometown of Turrialba, at the base of the volcano with the same name, very few of my experiences in Costa Rica have been what you can call typical.

Love is a powerful force that drives individuals of many cultures to find a partner to hopefully share a life with.

Although dating, marriage, and sadly, divorce customs may be different among cultures, many of them are created from, engrained in, and products of the quest to find this kind of magic we call love.

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There are, of course, exceptions, but on the whole, you can expect to be made welcome wherever you go. Though most of the countrys 4 million inhabitants descend from Spanish immigrants, many families originated in other parts of Europe, Asia, Africa and Central America.