Sophos not updating on server

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These data files only contain information on guiding scanning logic and do not contain the full pattern database.

The main pattern database, which includes protection against critical viruses, URI checks, malware, worms, Trojans, and spyware, is located on remote Sophos Extensible List servers maintained by Sophos.

The secondary location is just defined as, "Sophos".

All of these settings are greyed out and will not allow for any change.

If you have any questions about the software and how to install or operate Sophos that is not in the Windows Instructions, Mac Instructions or Linux Instructions, and that is not answered below, refer to your local IT Support or contact the Help Centre.

Sophos antivirus uses a small set of data files that need to be updated periodically.

The Sophos server appears to be updating without issues, but the clients are unable to receive the new updates from the server.

I'd like to know when the clients last successfully received an update but the control panel just shows "Updating: failed" and the update log (alc.log) only gives one day of logs. To rectify the problem you can either try to redeploy the software from the Sophos Enterprise Console, or on the client run the installer from the Sophos network share.

Sophos Anti-Virus protects computers running Mac OS X (10.2 or later) against viruses, worms, and other software attacks.

The Sophos U-M license allows faculty, staff, students, and U-M Online subscribers to install Sophos Anti-Virus on their U-M office and home computers.

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