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Both historically and currently, some of our most intimate moments have been made punishable by law. Outdated, unthinkable, erotophobic and downright ridiculous, we should thank our lucky stars that enforcing them is another matter. Sexual positions beyond missionary are illegal in Washington, D. As President Bush has said: "In our free society, people have the right to choose how they live their lives." The way I see it, what consenting adults do in their own bedrooms is their own business.

Sex toys are banned in some states, such as Alabama. But rather than go into a diatribe on the need for the government to stay out of our private sexual affairs, I think a good laugh is in order.

So when it comes to flirting, logic may (incorrectly) tell you that men love nothing more than a no-nonsense shoulder tap and head nod to the nearest hotel. So, here are five flirting techniques no man can resist.

Try them out the next time a good looking man catches your eye.1. Melissa Noble is a freelance writer and blogger who lives in Brooklyn.

It's fine if you don't know anything about our hobbies, but don't lie your way through an entire conversation about whether or not Odell Beckham Jr. But what does the palm tree, monkey, and lady getting a head massage have to do with anything? We shouldn't have to spend an hour figuring this out.

— If you’re in Idaho, you’re not allowed to engage in any type of public display of affection for more than 18 minutes.

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To mark the close of their Sexual Nature exhibition, bosses at the Natural History Museum have decided to draw on the wealth of knowledge that has been accumulated from research by social anthropologists and zoologists to teach people how to flirt effectively.

"These performances are necessary because the female's eggs are a precious and finite resource.

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It's perfectly fine for kids to flirt with each other in school.

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