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The speculation did not answer, and the house is now in a state of dilapidation.

A second official confirmed the information, saying the couple had two children, the youngest of which was six months old.

The law specifies the size of the stones in Sharia Law in Iran to ensure the execution does not take too long or occur too quickly.

When Iranian officials have faced substantial public outcry over a stoning sentence, as was the case in the case of Makarrameh Ebrahimi in 2007, they have freed accused adulterers, according to the Human Rights Watch.

The incident, which reportedly took place on Sunday, is the first reported sharia killing since they occupied the area, ratcheting up pressure on an embattled interim government. The Islamists took the unmarried couple to the centre of Aguelhok.

The couple was placed in two holes and the Islamists stoned them to death," a local government official told the AFP news agency on condition of anonymity.


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  1. Our policy won't stop rape, but we hope that it will educate students about sexual violence and consensual sexual relationships. As one student said, the policy is "humanizing" -- it brings both people actively into a sexual relationship as partners.