Compensated dating hong kong movie whitney port and jay lyon still dating

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Compensated dating hong kong movie

The drama, which also dabbles in a smattering of semi-explicit situations designed to give the film a raw, shocking edge (if women discuss oral sex is still shocking), is unlikely to travel far beyond Asia unless it’s on the festival circuit, but that should also give it a healthy lifespan.Based on her stronger, more focused work with Hong Kong indie darling Pang Ho-cheung on films like — Pang and his partner at Making Pictures Subi Liang serve as producers here — Luk’s HAF project dances on the border between baffling and brave in light of some of the strangest representations of female friendship in recent memory, representations that flirt with male gaze-type objectification, just without the irony (unless it’s so deeply buried it’s invisible).Alice (Fish Liew, Doomsday Party) uses We Chat to source paid dates, but her clients sometimes request deviant sexual behavior as part of her services.Meanwhile, Alice helps Chloe (Koyi Mak) set up her own dating profile – but while the two become closer friends, Alice may be developing more than platonic feelings for Chloe.

Estranged from her family, Lin sees compensated dating as having fun while she's being paid.Into these roiling emotional waters come Andrew (Tse Sit-chun), the school’s resident jock and object of desire for all three girls, and Raymond (Gregory Wong), a hostess bar patron with a heart of gold who shows Tracy the sexual ropes (, but in Hong Kong’s outlying Lam Tsuen area).Tracy’s misguided hope is that her newfound knowledge will help her reconnect with Chloe.Four young girls from the "Me" Generation meet each other on the internet, crossing paths at "compensated dating".They live without the bounds of morality, experiencing life as only their generation could.

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But despite her steps into the adult world, Tracy's true love is a high school boy, Andrew (Tse Sit Chun). * Special Features: - Teaser Trailer - Trailer - Making of Audio Commentary by Director Luk Yee-Sum and Producer Pang Ho-Cheung This movie is about the friendship among three teenage girls, outstanding student Jing, black sheep Chloe and sentimental Ai-ai.