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The screenupdating being set to false will also speed up our macro as Excel will not try to repaint the screen each time it changes.

Subs: Delete Blank Rows1, Delete Blank Rows3 and both Worksheet_Change events are slightly different as they first check to see if the ENTIRE row is blank.

It will automatically turn onwhen the macro is finished.

Sometimes you want to turn on the screen updating afteryou have turned it off, e.g.

Dim i As Long ' We turn off calculation and screenupdating to speed up the macro.

Screen Updating = True End With End Sub Sub Delete Blank Rows2() ' Deletes the entire row within the selection if _ some of the cells WITHIN THE SELECTION contain no data.

Sub Delete Blank Rows1() ' Deletes the entire row within the selection if the ENTIRE row contains no data.

The following sentence will turn on the screen updating: Application.By turning off the screen updating your macros will run much faster.It will also prevent the disturbing flickering of screen pictures thatcan frighten inexperienced users. Column - i, _ Visibledropdown:=True Next Application. Special Cells(xl Cell Type Visible) On Error Go To 0 End With If rng2 Is Nothing Then Msg Box "No data to copy" Else Worksheets("Sheet2").

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You can leave all the arrows showing, or remove the Auto Filter, or use programming to hide one or more of the arrows.