Husband joined online dating

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Husband joined online dating

At first it was a little tricky convincing my husband to go along with the experiment.I had to promise I wouldn’t actually go out on any dates.

They assume that if they can be more alluring to potential matches, their dating opportunities will then increase.What may seem like simple exaggerations at the time can be used as evidence against their own trustworthiness and commitment to their children.Worse yet, the person responding to a post on a dating site may be dragged into the deceiver's divorce as an innocent witness to the deceiver's character and possibly adulterous behavior.So in the spirit of in sickness and in health, we signed up to see if online dating knew better than we did, and here's what happened.First I signed up for Ok Cupid, which was super easy.

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Three years ago, at 50, he had a classic midlife crisis (his words): new 'boy band' hairdo, jive lessons ( without me), going to the gym, trendy clothes, a second mobile - and online dating.